Axiom Engineering, Inc.

Explanation of Insurance Appraisal Process Continued

An Umpire will become involved in the appraisal process, acting as an impartial mediator, should the appraisers meet an impasse. Typically, the Umpire will meet with both appraisers at the loss location to personally inspect the property as well as collect documents from the appraisers. The Umpire’s duty is to diligently review all materials presented by both sides including documents, receipts, photographs, reports, estimates, and the insurance policy and propose a settlement to the appraisal panel. The Umpire will often give the panel a final forum to voice anything that may have been overlooked by the Umpire’s estimate and final settlement amount. Once at least two of the three appraisal panel members have signed the award, the appraisal process is complete.

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