Axiom Engineering, Inc.

Explanation of Insurance Appraisal Process

When a covered insurance loss occurs, but the value is debated, the provision of appraisal can be invoked. In such instances, an appraiser must be named to represent the insurance company and another appraiser is named to represent the insured. The appraisers work together toward a negotiated settlement while representing their client’s best interests. If the appraisers cannot agree on a settlement, an Umpire will become involved.

Typically, Axiom Engineering will begin the appraisal process with a detailed file review followed by a site inspection. At the inspection, Axiom Engineering will document the loss and capture all pertinent information from the field to prepare an estimate. The opposing appraiser is typically also at the loss location and this venue serves as a first face-to-face meeting. Usually, the appraisers will attempt to reach an agreement without the involvement of an Umpire.

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