Axiom Engineering, Inc.

In instances when the appraisal process in invoked as part of the insurance resolution, a knowledgeable and experienced appraiser is key in negotiating a settlement. Axiom Engineering’s expertise in the field of engineering and construction as well as expertise in the appraisal process is a major asset. Our appraisers are trained in forensic engineering techniques as well as local building codes and the permitting processes, enabling them to offer a clear, logical argument based on engineering principles and construction standards to support their estimates. Axiom Engineering’s expertise allows for clear and direct communication with the appraisal panel.

Axiom Engineering prides itself in its customer service and will represent clients’ best interests. The client is informed each step of the way with frequent updates as to the progress of the appraisal process, which can sometimes be a long, arduous undertaking depending on the complexity of the appraisal. Axiom Engineering’s principals have operated in both the role as Umpire and as appraiser in numerous claims.

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Explanation of Insurance Appraisal Process