Axiom Engineering, Inc.
Unlike most forensic engineering companies, Axiom Engineering can take the project to the next step when needed, and prepare design drawings, specifications, and other necessary engineering documents for permitting and repair of the structure. This one-stop shopping provides convenience and cost effective service for the client.
Axiom Engineering has a wide range of expertise in the evaluation of structural and building related failures. These include:
> Foundation Settlement and Subsidence > Cracking, Spalling and Related Issues
> Sagging or Collapse > Roof Inspections and Evaluations
> Hurricane and Flood Damage > Code Compliance and Related Issues
> Failure of Floor Systems
(tile, hardwood, marble, etc.)
> Damage Caused by Fire, Vehicular Impact, and other catastrophic events
> Condominium Turnover Studies > Water Seepage and Related Damage
> Damage Caused by Decay or Wood Destroying Organisms > Evaluation of Potential Construction Defects or Material Deficiencies
> Damage Caused by Construction Vibrations > Residential and Commercial Property Inspections
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Please contact Axiom Engineering to discuss your specific needs and our capabilities.